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Water Meter Calibration System

Water meters in homes and businesses monitor water consumption. The calibration of water meters ensures their fairness and precision. Consequently, you are billed accurately for the exact volume of water you use. This system is very similar to the Flow meter calibration system but is designed for domestic water meters. This ensures that we can have a higher throughput and stability and reduce the turn-around time for calibrating domestic water meters.
How Does it Work?
  • 1. Setup : In the semi-automatic method of operation, users can pre-enter the desired flow rates and size of meters being tested and they just need to press start. The system will automatically set the desired flow rate and after measurement, will move to the next flow rate. Once all the flow rates for a particular size are completed, the meters can be removed easily using our pneumatic clamping and you can move over to the next batch.
  • 2. Controlled Flow: Using the reference meter and VFD to control the pumps, we can control the rate of flow of water through the pipes by checking the value on the reference flow meter.
  • 3. Comparison: The meter’s reading is checked against the actual amount of liquid that passed through the master device. For comparison method, the master is the reference flow meter. For Gravimetric method, the master is the weighing scales.
  • 4. Adjustment: If the meter isn’t accurate, it’s adjusted to ensure it measures correctly and the process is repeated. The adjustment of the meter is through setting a factor called the “k-factor” and this value should not be changed between calibrations as it affects the value and accuracy.
Why is it Important?

● Billing Accuracy: It ensures that you’re billed correctly for the water you use.
● Resource Conservation: It encourages responsible water usage, critical in times of water scarcity.
● Trust and Fairness: It builds trust between consumers and water utilities by ensuring fair billing

Benefits of Using Water Meter Calibration

Fair Billing: It guarantees that you only pay for the water you actually use.
Resource Management: It encourages responsible water consumption, vital for environmental sustainability.
Consumer Trust: It builds trust between consumers and water providers.

Applications of Water Meter Calibration
  • Residential: It is used for accurate billing in homes.
  • Commercial: It helps in ensuring fairness in water bills for businesses too.
  • Industrial: It is used for the precise measurement of water usage in large factories.
  • Municipal: For a larger demography, it is used for accurate water billing in cities and towns.

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