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Level Transmitter Calibration System

This Level Test Rig – a state of the art design – relies on the basic principle of physics that liquid levels in chambers of various sizes / shapes but interconnected at the bottom with a common ‘Level’ will assume same ‘Level’ on rise & fall of Liquid Volume.

Magnetostrictive Level

Radar Level

Float type level instruments

Guided-wave Level

Capacitance Level

Ultrasonic Level


Dead Band

Sensitivity & Resolution

Pressure Test



Meter Ranges 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 mm
Calibration Accuracy ± 0.05% of FS or better (Minimum 1mm)
Calibration Media Water
Display / Control Console Electrical / Electronic and Pneumatic Consoles are housed in a sleek Panel / Test Bench Rack, designed ergonomically; a stand-alone Hydro (Water) Intensifier Unit caters to Pressure Tests.
Method Of Operation Manual/Automation
Software Built–in Intelligent Software (with the facility of Retrieving / Recording / Interpreting & Displaying the Readings / Values received from various Test and Standard Instruments in easily understandable / user-friendly format) is provided for generation of Calibration Certificate / Chart / Report.


level meter calibration system is a set of tools and equipment used to verify and adjust the accuracy of level meters, ensuring precise measurements of liquid or solid levels in various containers or tanks.
Calibration is crucial to ensure that level meters provide accurate and reliable readings, as incorrect level measurements can lead to process inefficiencies, safety concerns, and financial losses.
This calibration system can be used for a wide range of level meters, including ultrasonic, radar, float, guided wave, capacitance type, and more.
Calibration frequency depends on factors like the specific type of level meter, its application, and any regulatory requirements. Generally, annual calibration is recommended, but check the manufacturer's guidelines and industry standards.
Some calibration systems are designed to handle multiple types of level meters, providing flexibility and cost savings. However, it's essential to ensure that the system you choose is compatible with your specific level meters.
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