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The CalFlow software has been designed to assist technicians in operating Flow calibration systems and to calibrate different types of Flow Meters.

Our software is highly customizable to meet users requirements and desired functionality as well as theming and visual preferences. 

By using this package the computer takes over the time consuming activities, such as the conversion of the various engineering units, the calculation of the output value of an instrument at a certain input value and the calibration of errors. 

This allows the calibration to be carried out more quickly, with a smaller chance of errors and without manual intervention. During the calibration the results are displayed on the monitor so that the technician can see directly what is going on. Thus he can decide to make an adjustment, for an optimal result. After completion of the process, a calibration report can be printed containing all the data. The reports are stored in a database for future use. 

The package can communicate with all types/ Brands of PLCs and has the option for RS 232, RS 485, Modbus RTU, serial communication, Ethernet, Profibus, profinet etc which are regularly available for control system communication.


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