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Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive Displacement (PD) Flow meters are volumetric flow measurement instruments that measure flow by passing a precise volume of fluid with each revolution. The advantages of Nagman’s PD Meters are:

Oil & Gas

Chemical & Petrochemical

Fiscal metering

Fuel Transportation

Food & Beverage


Marine & Shipping

Fuel Unloading stations & Liquid storage tanks

Very low noise and vibration.

Uniform rotation enables having a low pressure loss across the meter.

Superior Accuracy – up to 0.1% of reading with over 30:1 turn-down.

Rugged double case construction prevents loss of calibration due to changes in pressure or temperature.

Absence of metal-to-metal contact along with self-lubricating properties provides for long lifetime of device.

Multi Options Counters Available


Flow Range8 mm to 400mm
Medium Gas,Liquids
Process temperature-20°C to 80°C, 0°C to 150°C, 0°C to 250°C
Accuracy & Repeatability
  • 0.1% & <0.033%
  • 0.2% & <0.067%
  • 0.5% & <0.167%
Nominal Pressure16 bar, 25 bar, 40 bar, 64 bar
Viscosity Ranges0~20000 mPa.s
Flange ConnectionGB9115.0719-2000 JB/TB2-94     Or     Other Customer Standards

Product Details


A Positive Displacement (Double Rotor) flow meter is a type of flow measurement device that operates by trapping and measuring discrete volumes of fluid. It consists of two rotating rotors within a chamber, and as the fluid flows through the chamber, it moves the rotors. The number of rotations of the rotors is directly proportional to the volume of fluid that passes through, allowing for accurate flow measurement.
Positive Displacement flow meters are known for their high accuracy, especially in measuring low-viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids. They are less affected by variations in fluid properties and can handle a wide range of viscosities. Additionally, they have a long lifespan and can be used for both liquid and gas measurement.
Positive Displacement flow meters are commonly used in applications requiring precise measurement, such as custody transfer of petroleum products, chemical processing, food and beverage production, and pharmaceuticals. They are versatile and can handle various fluids.
Calibration of Positive Displacement flow meters is typically performed by a qualified technician using calibration equipment. The calibration process involves comparing the meter's output to a known standard to ensure accurate measurement. Calibration intervals should follow manufacturer recommendations and industry standards.
Regular maintenance includes cleaning, inspecting the moving components for wear and tear, and checking for any obstructions. Proper maintenance is essential to maintain the meter's accuracy and longevity.
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