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Electro Magnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meter works on the Faraday’s Law of Electro-magnetic Induction Quick look at Nagman’s Electromagnetic Flow Meters,

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Functional Magnetic Field Distribution (F.F) provides accurate flow measurement even through uneven flow.

Additional features include non wetted electrodes, ceramic liner, no insulation of electrodes for slurry application

Wide range of nominal diameters (From DN 15 to 3000mm ; 1/2″ to 120″).

Supports low conductivities from 5 μS/cm.

Advanced noise-suppression circuit supresses slurry noise and achieves stable flow measurement with high accuracy.

Size DN 3 to DN 3000 mm
Accuracy Class ±0.5% of reading
±0.3% & ±0.2% of reading (Optional)
Conductivity Normal Liquid > 20µS/cm; Slurry Liquid >5µS/cm
Display LCD display with backlight (128x128mm), 3 Lines, 4 Internal Push Buttons
Totalizers Three built-in totalizers: forward flow, reverse flow and net
  • Analog
Bi-directional, isolated 0 – 10mA – 4 – 20mA
Load resistor: 0 ~ 1.5 KO for 0 ~ 10 mA, 0 ~ 750 O for 4 ~ 20 Ma
  • Frequency
Forward & reverse flow output with a frequency range of 1~5000Hz.
The external voltage must be lower than 35 V and the max output current must be 250 mA when the transistor is turned on.
  • Alarm
Alarm output: Two isolated open collector transistor (OCT) outputs for alarm signals.
Flow Direction The meter is capable of measuring both forward and reverse flow and Indication recognizing flow direction.
Communication RS232, RS485/MODBUS, PROFIBUS or HART Communication selectable.
Protection Class IP 65, IP 68
Nominal Pressure Limit
  • 6 bar (DN3 – DN150)
  • 10 bar (DN200 – DN600)
  • 16 bar (DN700 – DN1000)
  • 40 bar (DN1200 – DN3000)
Liner Material Rubber, PTFE, Polyurethane, PFA & F46
Electrode Type SS316/316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum, Platiniridium
Sensor Material
  • Measuring tube  :  Stainless steel
  • Meter Housing :  Carbon Steel as standard offer. SS available upon request
  • Flange :  Carbon Steel as standard offer. SS available upon request
Pipe Connection ASME/ANSI Flange 150# 300#, Threaded & Insertion, Tri-Clamp, Wafer
Fluid Temperature Limits Integral type – (10°C to 80°C)
Remote type
  • Neoprene & Polyurethane Liner (-10°C ~ 80°C)
  • PTFE Liner (-10°C ~ 160°C)
  • PFA Liner (-10°C ~ 160°C)
  • Ambient Temperature (-10°C ~ 80°C)
Ambient Humidity 5 ~ 95%RH (relative humidity)
Velocity Range 0.1m/s ~ 15m/s
Power Supply 20 ~ 36 VDC or 85 ~250 VAC, < 20 W, 3.6V Battery
Meter Types Integral, remote

Installation Guide

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An electromagnetic flow meter, also known as a magmeter, is a device used to measure the flow rate of electrically conductive fluids, such as water, chemicals, and slurries. It operates on the principle of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.
Electromagnetic flow meters work by applying a magnetic field perpendicular to the flow of the conductive fluid. When the fluid flows through the meter's pipe, it generates a voltage proportional to the flow rate. The meter measures this induced voltage to determine the flow rate.
They are highly accurate and reliable.
They can measure bi-directional flow.
They have no moving parts, reducing the risk of mechanical wear and tear.
They are suitable for a wide range of conductive fluids.
Electromagnetic flow meters are ideal for measuring the flow of electrically conductive fluids, including water, wastewater, chemicals, slurries, and some corrosive liquids.
Yes, electromagnetic flow meters are commonly used in clean water applications such as drinking water distribution, wastewater treatment, and industrial water monitoring.
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