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Water Meter Calibration System

Nagman’s Water meter calibration systems are your best turn-key solution for calibrating all kinds of domestic water meters (Mechanical, Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Types) as well as Bulk/Industrial Water Meters. We design highly specialised and customised systems to suit our users needs and demands. Our systems also follow ISO-4064 standards for calibration with
At Nagman, we understand that every customer is unique and has different needs. That’s why we strive to provide the best system that meets your individual requirements without compromising on design or functionality. No matter how difficult the constraints, we’ll work with you to create a solution that works for you!

Domestic Water Meters (DN-15 to DN-40)

Bulk Water Meters (DN-50 to DN-300)

Single Jet, Multi Jet, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic & more . . .

Tailor made for customer’s exact requirements

Wide range of meter sizes calibratable from DN-15 till DN-300 (and above)

Highly sophisticated designs to enhance operations and increase customer’s throughput

Available as either Comparison, Volumetric or Gravimetric method of calibration

Follows to ISO-4064/ OIML R-49 standards

Available with multiple levels of autonomy including Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic methods of operation

Meter Sizes From DN-15 till DN-300  (based on customer requirement)
Flow Rates From 1 LPM till 25000 LPM  (based on customer requirement)
Lines 1,2 or 3 (based on customer requirement)
Calibration Campaign Time To suit, from 30s
Calibration Methods Gravimetric – Also known as the GOLD standard employs 1 or more Stainless Steel tanks mounted on precise weighing scales
Volumetric – employs 2 or more pre-calibrated Stainless Steel volumetric tanks
Comparison – employs pre-calibrated Electromagnetic or Coriolis Mass Flow meters as master meters
Calibration Accuracy From 0.5 % up to 0.05 %
Calibration Media Water (Correction factor applicable for other liquids)
No. Of Units under Test As per customer Requirements
Display / Control Console Flow Rate, Total Flow, Start/Stop Timer
Method Of Operation Manual, Semi, Fully Automatic (As per customer requirements)
Automation PLC / SCADA / HMI


Control Panel

Reducers / Expander



Weighing Scales

Storage Tanks and more

CALFLOW Software

Mounting Clamps


Domestic Water meters are typically of sizes DN-15 to DN-50 and are more widely used than flow meters, hence the demand for calibration of these meters is higher and customers require a higher throughput. Hence Nagman offers Water meter calibration systems to calibrate up to 20 DN-15 meters in a single cycle. There are also additional components such as a Damping tank and a structure for storage as well as a Pneumatic clamping system for easy clamping of meters.
Water meter calibration systems can be designed to calibrate various types of water meters, including Single jet, Multi jet, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, AMR, AMI among others.
Yes, various national and international standards exist for flow meter calibration, such as ISO 4064 / OIML R49. Compliance with these standards is often required for certain industries.
The cost varies significantly based on the type and complexity of the system, the number of water meters to be calibrated, size of system, method of calibration and accuracy required. There are many other factors that also affect the cost of the system. Here at Nagman, we shall always provide you with the highest quality system at our lowest possible prices.
In the Gravimetric method, water (or fluid) is collected in collection tanks that are placed over high precision weighing scales. These scales have a high accuracy and resolution and hence we can accurately measure the total weight/mass of the fluid collected. From this and with the help of an online/offline density meter, we can get the density of the fluid and thus calculate the actual volume of the fluid that is collected with high accuracy.

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