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Portable Water Meter Calibration System

Nagman’s Compact Water meter calibration systems are our best portable small scale solutions for calibrating all kinds of domestic water meters. Our systems also follow ISO-4064 standards for calibration with
Our portable water meter calibration system and test kits make it easy to get accurate readings without the hassle of a bulky lab system. Our compact and lightweight design allows you to take your testing and calibrations “On-The-Go”, making it simple and convenient to use

Portcal C(E) – Portable water meter test kit with Electromagnetic Flow meter as master

Portcal C(U) – Portable water meter test kit with Ultrasonic Water meter as master

Mini-Watcal Q3 – Compact Water Meter Calibration test bench

On-the-go solution for calibrating and testing water meters

Suitable for domestic water meters from size DN-15 to DN-25

High accuracy available upto 0.2%

Simple and easy to use with no complex assembly and minimal maintanence required

“On-Wheels” solutions enable easy transport without lots of heavy lifting

Available as either Comparison or Gravimetric method of calibration

Meter Sizes From DN-15 till DN-25  (based on customer requirement)
Flow Rates From 1 LPM till 80LPM  (based on customer requirement)
Lines Single line
Calibration Campaign Time To suit, from 30s
Calibration Methods Gravimetric – Also known as the GOLD standard employs Stainless Steel tanks mounted on precise weighing scales
Comparison – employs pre-calibrated Electromagnetic or Coriolis Mass Flow meters as master meters
Calibration Accuracy From 1 % up to 0.2 %
Testing Accuracy From 2% up to 5%
Calibration Media Water
No. Of Units under Test Maximum of 2 meters at one time
Display / Control Console Flow Rate, Total Flow, Start/Stop
Method Of Operation Manual


Control Panel

Reducers / Expander



Weighing Scales

Storage Tanks and more

CALFLOW Software


The portable water meter calibration system is Nagman’s take on bringing a compact, cost-effective, and simple version of our best-selling water meter calibration system to target audiences who do not have the budget or space for the larger water meter calibration system.
Yes, we can run this system in Single Phase as well as an option to have a three-phase supply.
You can calibrate meters of sizes DN-15 to DN-25 and can calibrate 2 meters of DN-15 and one meter of DN-25 at the same time.
This system includes, Storage tank, pump, reference meter, control panel, collection tank, weighing scale and VFD.
The approximate size of this system is 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.5m (LBH)
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