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Radar Level Transmitters

Radar level transmitters make use of radio or electromagnetic waves of very high frequency in the Gigahertz (GHz) range and measure the distance by measuring the time taken for a signal to reflect from the surface of the material. The advantages of Nagman’s Radar level transmitters are:

Chemical and petrochemical storage containers

Pharmaceutical industry

Process & Bulk Stroage vessel

Water and sewage treatment

Thermal Power Stations

Hydroelectric power generation and dams

Cement, powder, wood chips & other solid material measurement applications

Food and beverage

Continuous and accurate measurement

It has suppression function for interference echo.

A wide range of applications, almost all media can be measured

Convenient maintenance and simple operation.

No maintenance and strong plasticity.

Level Range 10-100 Meters
Accuracy ±3mm
0.5 & 1%
Resolution 1mm
Power Supply 24VDC( Both 2 wire & 4 wire)
Display 4 Digit LCD Display
Protection Class IP67 Optional
Probe Installation Flange & Thread
Analog Output 4-20 mA
 Temperature Storage Temperature -40°C ~100 °C
Process Temperature -40°C ~ 250°C
Communication RS485, HART

Product Details


An 80GHz Lens Type Radar Level Transmitter is a specific type of radar level sensor that operates at 80GHz frequency. It is designed with a lens antenna for improved accuracy and focus, making it suitable for challenging applications where precise level measurements are required.
Advantages of 80GHz Lens Type Radar Level Transmitters include higher accuracy, a smaller beam angle for focused measurements, and the ability to handle challenging conditions like dust, vapor, and foam effectively.
The measurement range of these transmitters typically varies from a few meters to around 100 meters, depending on the specific model and application requirements.
Yes, 80GHz Lens Type Radar Level Transmitters are versatile and can accurately measure the level of both liquid and solid materials.
These transmitters are well-suited for applications where high precision and focused measurements are critical. This includes processes in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and many other industries.
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