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Mobile Flow Meter Calibration System

Nagman’s Mobile Flow meter calibration systems are our best portable small scale solutions for calibrating all kinds of flow meters. Our systems also follow ISO-4185 standards for calibration with
Our mobile flow meter calibration systems make it easy to take your calibrations “On-The-Go”! These versatile, compact systems are perfect for those who don’t want to be tied down to a bulky lab system. Enjoy the convenience of easy-to-use calibrations wherever you go!
Gas meter calibration

Electromagnetic Flow meters

Vortex Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Liquid flow calibration system

Mass Flow Meters

Tailor made for customer’s exact requirements

Wide range of meter sizes calibratable from DN-6 till DN-100

Highly sophisticated designs to enhance operations and increase customer’s throughput

Available as Comparison method of calibration

Follows to ISO-4185 standard

Available with multiple levels of autonomy including Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic methods of operation

Meter Sizes DN-6 to DN-100
Flow Rates 1 to 2500 LPM
Lines 1 or 2 lines (As per customer requirements)
Reservoir Capacity Upto 3000L
Calibration Campaign Time From 30s
Calibration Methods Comparison – employs pre-calibrated Electromagnetic or Coriolis Mass Flow meters as master meters
Calibration Accuracy Upto 0.1%
Calibration Media Water
No. Of Units under Test As per customer requirements
Display / Control Console Flow Rate, Total Flow, Start/Stop Timer etc.
Method Of Operation Manual / Semi / Fully Automatic
Automation PLC / HMI / SCADA


Control Panel

Reducers / Expander



Weighing Scales

Storage Tanks and more

CALFLOW Software

Mounting Clamps


The accuracy of a flow meter is how close the reading that is shown in the meter to the actual value measured. If the reading on the meter is 5m3/hr. and the accuracy of the meter is ±0.2% then the actual value of the flow through the meter can be 5±0.01 m3/hr.
A mobile flow meter calibration system is a system that is designed to calibrate flow meters but is not fixed to a lab setup or a single location and can be moved around. This system is designed to be fixed or fit into a vehicle like a truck or a van and can be driven to the client’s location to calibrate flow meter in cases where the client cannot accommodate to send the meter to the lab.
a. Yes, but it is not recommended and there are restrictions placed on the same. Since the gravimetric system requires us to be in a specific location, this is due to the use of high precision weighing scales that are used. Since the reading (weight) of these scales depend on the gravity in the location, a scale that is calibrated in one location cannot be used in another location without recalibration to account for the change in gravity. Hence mobile systems are not generally provided with weighing scales. However, we can achieve the same high precision and accuracy using Coriolis Mass Flow meters that provide a similar advantage without the concern for effects of gravity.
Yes, we can provide a similar experience of calibration using a semi-automatic system inside our mobile calibration system as well.
The advantages of the mobile flow meter calibration system are the ability to be transported to the clients location, rather than being in a fixed location. This helps serve customers in remote locations or customers who have delicate meters (Like Coriolis Mass flow meters) that cannot be transported easily or customers who wish to reduce their down time of transportation and require on-site calibration
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