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Portable Water Meter Calibration System

For an apartment that consists of over 500-1000 water meters inside them, the nightmare of all the logistical and scheduling the annual calibration of those meters is very real and the task difficult. Similarly, a lab or manufacturer of water meters will not be ready to invest in a huge amount nor will have the space for a large water meter calibration bench/system. For these reasons, we have a Portable Compact Water Meter Calibration System (MiniWatcal).
How Does it Work?

1. Portability: This system is designed to be carried to different places where water meters are used.
2. Testing: It’s like a water meter assessment machine. It examines water meters to see if they’re healthy and accurate.
3. Accuracy Check: The system tests if the water meter’s readings match the actual amount of water used.
4. Adjustment: If the meter isn’t precise, it’s adjusted to ensure it measures correctly.

Why is it Important?
  • Billing Accuracy: It ensures that you pay for the exact amount of water you use.
  • Resource Management: It helps in managing water resources efficiently.
  • Industrial Use: It is vital for industries that need precise water measurements for various other processes.
Benefits of Portable Water Calibration
  • Fair Billing: It ensures that consumers are billed accurately.
  • Water Conservation: It encourages responsible water usage.
  • Industrial Precision: It is essential for industries like agriculture and manufacturing.


Applications of Portable Water Calibration
  • Homes: It is used for accurate water bills at home.
  • Agriculture: Portable water calibration systems help with proper irrigation.
  • Industries: It ensures precise water usage in manufacturing processes.
  • Environmental Monitoring: It provides accurate data for ecological studies.

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