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Mobile Flow Calibration System

These systems are like calibration workshops on wheels. They are portable and can be transported to various locations. Imagine a technician bringing a flow calibration system to a factory to verify that machines measuring liquids are providing accurate readings. This is similar to going to a restaurant vs ordering food and getting it delivered to your house.
What are the Components of this System?
  • Calibration Equipment: This includes tools and instruments used to check the flow meter’s accuracy. It has almost all the benefits of a fixed-lab system with the added advantage of mobility.
  • Portability: The system is designed to be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Trained Technician: A skilled operator handles the calibration process.
  • Hassle Free: The client does not need to package and transport their meter (some which are bulky or fragile) to have them calibrated, but instead just needs to remove it and connect it to the system at their doorstep.
How Does it Work?
  1. Setup: The system is brought to the location where the flow meter is installed.
  2. Connection: The flow meter is connected to the mobile calibration system. The only requirement needed is power to operate the system. That too can be overcome using a generator inside the vehicle.
  3. Testing: Controlled flows of liquid pass through the meter, and its measurements are compared to the calibration system’s master readings.
  4. Adjustment: If there are any differences, the calibration system fine-tunes the flow meter to make sure it’s accurate.
What are the Benefits of Using Mobile Flow Calibration?
  • Convenience: With the help of mobile flow calibration systems, there is no need to take the flow meter to a distant facility for calibration.
  • Flexibility: It is extremely suitable for industries with multiple sites or larger equipment spread over various locations.
  • Precision: It ensures that flow meters provide exact measurements where they are, essential for accurate billing and smooth operations.
  • Cost-Efficiency: It reduces transportation costs and avoids disruptions linked with sending meters away for calibration.
What are the Applications of Mobile Flow Calibration?
  • Manufacturing: Calibration of flow meters are widely used in industrial processes.
  • Utilities: It aids in ensuring accurate measurement of water or gas usage.
  • Energy: Calibrating meters are also used in power generation and distribution sectors.
  • Oil and Gas: It helps in verifying the accuracy of meters in oil refineries and pipelines.

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